Empowering people with disability to achieve self determination by providing them with simple, accessible, relevant training and resources on how to be in control of their own life.


People with disability are in control of their own lives. This includes where they live and with who, how they want to participate in the community and choosing what supports they want.


Empower people with disability to:

  • Have control over the decisions that affect their lives
  • Access the equipment and assistive technology that they need
  • Understand the policies, processes and practices of agencies, government, and other authorities
  • Exercise their inalienable human rights


Improve the quality of support workers, agencies, government, and other authorities by:

  • Educating them on what people with disability want
  • Discussing what currently works and ways to improve on them


Jono, it has been excellent working with you on various state and federal government initiatives and combining our disability advocacy, allied health and government policy expertise over the last few years. Thank you for your ongoing contribution to the disability sector - I look forward to future collaborations together.

Associate Professor Libby Callaway,
Occupational Therapy Department,
Monash University

I worked for Jonathan Bredin (Jono) over a 6 month period whilst consulting with him to prepare a business plan. Jono led the project very professionally, he is strategic in all the right places and his vision is second to none. Jono`s understanding of the disability sector is extremely insightful, he is very knowledgeable across the NDIS and if you`re looking for advice or to get the inside track across this sector, his number should be on speed dial. Jono has a great network at his disposal and first hand knowledge of what works best for real person centred support and decisions. I would gladly work with Jono again and look forward to seeing him thrive across his business.

Carlos Swinton-Lee,
Principal Consultant,
B&R Consultants