I am a 30-year-old man who has Cerebral Palsy, or CP for short. I am living the life that I always dreamt of because I grabbed control of my own life. I haven’t always been in control. In fact it was only a couple of years ago that I realised I wasn’t happy with my life, even though I thought I was. The turning point for me was having support workers come into my life that work with me, without taking over, and properly listening to what I want. They truly understand the goals I want to achieve, what I want to do and where I want to be in the future.

I have a fierce determination,
but I'm easy going and I have lots of fun

I will not let anything stop me reaching my goals. If anyone says I can't do something it just makes me more determined to prove them wrong. It's pretty much like waving a red flag at a bull. In my life I have had so many people doubt me, and despite my achievements, I continue to have people doubt me. But I know what I want in life, and I will achieve it. My hobbies include poker, PlayStation 4, and computer games, mainly Football Manager, and chess. I occasionally like to go to clubs and pubs for a dance or a meal. As well as that, I love to watch sports. I am well and truly over AFL, especially now that I have found Ice Hockey. "Go Melbourne Mustangs!" I never miss a game.
I won an international poker tournament in New Zealand in 2013, which enabled me to buy my own car, as well as my automated Hi–Lo Bed. I have done some interstate traveling, and I've also been on an international cruise.

In 2016, I moved out of home and moved into my own unit

This move has given me more independence than I have ever had. I love my parents dearly, and value the support they give me. I have made a few good and a few bad decisions in my life, but moving out of home has by far been best decision I've ever made. Even though it has only been a few short years, I have become a better man for it.

I run my own business, “Grab Control” formerly known as “Calling The Brains Bluff”. I offer public speaking, consulting, and advocacy services. My purpose is to live the life I want, the way I want, and with the supports that I choose. To achieve this, I involve myself with ALL aspects of my support needs. I know from experience that if you want true control of your life, you will have to take it. No one will give it to you. We are our own best self-advocates. Using the resources and strategies I and many others have developed, you too can GRAB CONTROL by:

  • Recognising your own expertise and rights to full self-determination
  • Building and managing your own support networks

Even though it has been a rollercoaster, I have been successful, and you can too. Follow me on my journey to empower people with disability to live the life they choose.
I will share knowledge through my lived experience such as navigating the NDIS, the struggles I have faced and the way I advocate for myself.