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People with disability should be in charge of their own life. I know how hard it is to grab control. It can take several years, however in the end it is worth it. A couple of years ago I grabbed control of my life, and now I am living the way I always dreamed of, even though the world will always throw new challenges my way.

I have been presenting in person, and now via Zoom to schools, TAFE, universities, conferences, and information sessions for the last four years. I am available to  speak about any of the below topics.

  • An Introduction to the National Disability Insurance Scheme
  • Navigating the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
  • What is Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) and Supported Independent Living (SIL)
  • Living independently
  • How to find and employ good support workers
  • What is a good support worker?
  • How to self-manage NDIS plans
  • Community inclusion for people with disability
  • How allied health professionals can help people with a disability achieve their goals


The Australian Disability Sector needs improvement because people with disability are not in control of their own life when they should be. It can be very difficult to navigate the system to get what you require. Through lived experience I have learnt where the system could and should be simpler and more effective. That is why I offer my services as a consultant to help improve the sector.

  • I have provided assessment on SDA builds for developers, providers, and end users alike. This includes a report on the build and the surrounding area.
  • Supported OT students to make a guide on how to use iPads and tablets
  • Provide consultation for PHD research.
  • Smart home and communication technology for people with disability
  • Quality Disability Support Workers for People with Complex Needs

Brand/Product Review

Assistive technology can be huge for people with disability, as a good device can allow a person more independence. I keep up to date with new technology and advances. I intend on starting a YouTube channel reviewing products and services that enhance and improve quality of life. From the latest in specialist home automation, to augmented communication devices, to available mainstream tech advances, I hope to cover a wide variety.

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Hemma Oct '19
Peninsula Speech Plus Sept '19
Monash June '19